Review With Giorgia Fontana

Changing Seasons

With the changing seasons we found ourselves shipping a special order to Italy!

Giorgia Fontana is an ambitious architect and has a special passion for make up. When she's not doing architecture, she does her best to blog about beauty and post artsy photography to her Instagram account.

First Impressions

Giorgia came across our Instagram photos and said she immediately fell in love with our idea, and products.
"As soon as I saw the shirts, I immediately thought... Wow, I must have one!" 
As an avid photographer she decided to send us a few photos as a kind gesture, and left us with a great review!

When The Package Arrived

"The designs looked even better in person and the package arrived without any tears or issues. I absolutely love the feel of these shirts. They feel high quality and are super soft. They also fit me well and aren't just some generic baggy shirts. It's definitely something I would wear for design week, or whenever I go out with my archi friends."

"Yes, I definitely would recommend!"


 Architect / Beauty Blogger

We would like to thank Giorgia for making an order and giving us an amazing review!